Dead bunker on the bay

Bunker dominate the bay. They’re a big reason why dolphins, stripers, and humpback whales wander just off our beach. My grandchild calls them “skyfish” when she sees one wiggling in the talons of an osprey as it flies overhead.

Chances are you’ve seen pieces of larger bunker along the tide line–stiff, gray, dead.

This little guy was also stiff and dead, but its brilliant colors jumped at me as I ambled along the ferry jetty. A storm tide had left him on the wrong side of the rocks and the gulls had yet to find him.

I tried to toss it back into the canal, but with the stiff breeze, it fell between the jetty rocks, a treat for the crabs.

Christmas trees by the ferry park

It happens every year.

North Cape May elves decorate the trees leading to Douglass Park (the ferry jetty park), a local treat made by locals meant for locals.

Photo by Leslie

(The spectacular light show put up each year by our neighbors on Town Bank Road shines, but it’s no secret and not done by elves.)

And then our local paper The Cape May County Herald with the very local “Spout Offs” reminds us that even elves could use some help some time.

If you missed them this year no worries, they will be back, as sure as the high tide that follows the low, here in our town graced by the edge of the Delaware Bay.