Beach walk January 22, 2023

The bay has settled down a bit–still wild, of course, always wild, but behaving today.

Scott Avenue entrance to the beach

January is rough on local humans but it is devastating to much of the rest of the living around here.

These guys (Hemigrapsus sanguineus, or Asian shore crab) first showed up around 1988–you can find them all over now, and apparently they are as edible (shell and all)as they are damaging to the native species.

Asian shore crab–a tasty menace

Gannets are usually seen in the spring and fall. Their fluorescent white wings tipped with deep black are marvelous, rivaled by their unreal blue beaks, usually only seen up-close in death.

The bright red of blood, the ghostly white feathers, and the stunning blue beak look out of place on the dull wintry beach.

A vulture feasted on yet another dead bird, now beyond identifying. The vulture sulked as I approached, took a low flight around me, then returned to its carcass as I was leaving.

The days are lengthening again, and the beaches will be filled with humans again soon enough. For now the sand pipers and the herring gulls rule the roost.

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