Dogs, drones, and the Delaware Bay

According to today’s AC Press, The LTPD recently acquired a new drone at the cost of $17,425–it must have come with some extras, or we overpaid.

Ad for the Matrice 30 series drone.

The mayor has taken “capture everything” to heart, and plans to use the drone to patrol the bay looking for “people who allow their dogs to off leash” in an effort to save our officers time.

Maybe Mayor Sippel should ask us which we prefer–putting up with the occasional ( and usually well-trained) off leash doggie or some five-figure eye-in-the-sky buzzing away as we (attempt to) enjoy serenity along the bay’s edge.

A drone-free evening on the edge of the Delaware Bay.

Having an officer stroll along the beach without the high tech would better serve all of us, a gentle reminder that there’s a human under that uniform.

And for those who occasionally nurse an ale or two, be forewarned. First they came after the dogs, then they came after the Dogfish. Heads.

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